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Rear-End Collision Leads to Extraordinary Circumstances

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Car Accidents

While the following car accident did not occur here in Sacramento, California, the incredible circumstances of the wreck and the lesson it teaches people about motor vehicle collisions and property damage make it relevant for any city in any state.

The wreck in question occurred at an intersection, where one vehicle rear-ended another vehicle. The vehicle that was struck lost control and, according to a witness, the driver appeared to step on the gas pedal as opposed to the brake pedal, causing the vehicle to careen towards a gas station. It eventually struck a gas pump which caused a massive explosion.

If you can believe it, no one was injured in the wreck. Police will investigate this bizarre crash as they try to uncover a few contributing factors — not the least of which is “why was the other driver unable to stop before striking the vehicle in front of them?”

But the damage to the gas station is a very interesting part element to this story. We often do not think of car accidents leading to damaged property. It is not exactly a common occurrence, but it does happen. And when a car crash does spill onto someone’s property, or it damages a home or building, the resulting issues that need to be handled are very complex.

For those who are involved in a crash that led to damaged property, you should consult an experienced legal representative to help you with the complicated matters that your case inherently entails.

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