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California Drivers Are More Likely to Drive Distracted in 2015

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Car Accidents

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about distracted driving and the laws that pertain to this negligent driving behavior here in California. Now comes an unnerving report that this well-known behavior — that everyone acknowledges is dangerous — is actually becoming more common in California, despite the well-known risks associated with glancing at a cellphone while driving a fast-moving, and powerful, motor vehicle.

The report found that nearly 10 percent of drivers this year are using their cellphones while driving. Given that this is forbidden in the state of California, it should come as a shock. But it’s even more surprising when you consider that this year’s figures represent a 39 percent increase over last year.

More specifically, the figures look like this: in 2014, about 6.6 percent of drivers used their cellphones, while in 2015, that figure is up to 9.2 percent. Why is this happening? Why are people committing an inherently dangerous act more this year than last?

Unfortunately, no one really knows. But it’s happening, and people are not as safe on the road as a result. California lawmakers and law enforcement officials are trying to address the issue, but there will always be some negligent people out there driving cars. When they cause accidents, the victims of those accidents need compensation to help them recover from the wreck not just financially, but mentally and emotionally as well. Getting that compensation can help a person feel as though justice was done and that the negligent driver was rightly punished for what they did.

Source: Ground Report, “Distracted driving getting more common in California,” Jordan Perch, Sept. 30, 2015

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