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3 tips for spotting a drunk driver

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

You want to stay safe on the road, which means remaining alert to hazards such as drunk drivers. An impaired driver’s behavior can warn you to use caution around those vehicles.

Familiarize yourself with these three tips for spotting a drunk driver.

1. Pay attention to the vehicle’s lights

Drunk drivers might ignore small details, such as turning on the headlights at night. They may also drive with the high beams on, use the wrong turn signal or keep the signal on after turning.  While some non-impaired drivers might unknowingly leave their blinkers on, continue watching the vehicle to look for additional clues of drunk driving.

2. Be aware of excessively high or low speeds

Aside from the vehicle’s lights, look for very slow drivers or those traveling at a high rate of speed. Drunk drivers might drive slowly due to diminished reaction times, creating hazards in the roadway. This pattern is especially dangerous when the vehicle’s headlights are also off. Sometimes, drunk drivers speed above the limit, making collisions more harmful for themselves and other drivers on the road.

3. Watch for erratic driving behavior

Another typical indication of a drunk driver is the inability to control the vehicle properly. Impaired drivers may have a difficult time keeping their vehicles in their lane. Look for drivers that:

  • weave within their traveling lane
  • cross back and forth between lanes
  • ride on the shoulder or center divider
  • drive down the middle of two lanes

Drivers might also break or stop suddenly, turn abruptly and even collide with other cars or objects.

Looking for tell-tale signs of drunk drivers can keep you safely out of their path.

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