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What passengers should do right after a rideshare accident

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Personal Injury

While rideshares are an excellent way to get from one place to the next, traveling by road means everyone is at risk for accidents. As a result of these risks, California requires that rideshare companies provide additional insurance to cover the expenses of crashes while drivers have passengers in their vehicles.

As a ride-sharing passenger, knowing how to respond after a collision is vital. Following the proper procedures may make it easier to collect damages in the future.

Call for assistance

The priority after an accident is to call for police and medical first responders. Since injuries do not always appear right away, seeking treatment immediately after an accident makes it easier to prove causation in the future. Additionally, both the drivers’ and rideshare companies’ insurance policies may require police reports to proceed with claims.

Collect information

If no passengers suffer from severe injuries in an accident, they should do what they can to collect evidence of the scene. Taking photos with their cell phones, collecting drivers’ insurance information and speaking with witnesses can provide pertinent information about the crash.

Consider legal action

Determining fault in rideshare accidents is more challenging than in other collisions. Passengers may not always know if another driver, the rideshare driver or the ride-sharing company is liable for damages. To recover the cost of medical bills and lost wages, injured passengers can consider legal options.

By following these steps, rideshare passengers make it easier for themselves to proceed with lawsuits if they get injured in an auto accident.

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