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What Sacramento intersections have the most accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Car Accidents

As the core of a metropolitan area, Sacramento has its share of bad traffic. A recent report puts the city’s traffic as one of the 20 worst in the nation.

With high congestion often comes accidents. When travelers can identify dangerous locations ahead of time, they can proceed cautiously or avoid the areas altogether to minimize risks.

Arena Blvd. and Truxel Rd.

In one period, 26 crashes led to 50 injuries at this junction. The location’s 41 lanes of traffic significantly raise the odds of a collision. The spot is near the Sleep Train Arena and the airport, creating conditions for accidents.

Los Robles Blvd. and Marysville Blvd.

This intersection sits north of Hagginwood Park and just south of the Sacramento Police Department. While one might assume that proximity to the police station would encourage drivers to operate more cautiously, 23 accidents led to 30 injuries.

12th St. and I St.

This spot lies in midtown and gets high traffic from the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center and the many other activities in the area. Like most major cities, avoiding the busy downtown may be optimal when possible.

Franklin Blvd. and Mack Blvd.

Multiple lanes of traffic at this intersection in southern Sacramento create another perilous location. Franklin and Mack reported 20 crashes with eight visible injuries.

Auburn Blvd. and Route 244

While this intersection only reported five crashes in the same span as the others, the collisions here resulted in four fatalities. This statistic makes Auburn and Route 244 the deadliest intersection on the list.

Traveling around big cities requires care and attention. Taking extra precautions near the preceding intersections can help motorists to stay safe and avoid injuries.

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