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Where do slip and fall injuries happen?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Slip & Fall

A slip and fall injury can have lasting consequences and serious medical complications. Recognizing the most common areas where slip and fall injuries occur can help you be more cautious and avoid injury.

There are a few common areas where slip and fall injuries are more likely.

Retail environments

Many slip and fall injuries occur in retail environments, especially food service and grocery stores. These are areas where liquid spills often occur, and those spills create slippery environments. If the store employees fail to respond quickly enough to mark the hazard with cones, you may suffer an injury as a result.

Sidewalks and parking areas

Poorly maintained sidewalks and parking areas also increase the risk of slip and fall injuries. Not only can ice accumulation on these surfaces lead to injuries, but potholes, uneven surfaces and crumbling concrete or asphalt can increase the risk of a slip and fall injury as well.


Stairs are another common area for slip and fall injuries. Whether the steps are slippery, uneven, narrow or just hard to navigate, losing your footing on stairways can lead to serious injuries. Stairways without proper handrails are also risky and leave individuals exposed to fall hazards.

Construction sites

With so much equipment on construction sites, the risk of trip hazards and slip and fall injuries is significant. In addition, the ground is often uneven on these sites, putting you at greater risk of an accident.

Recognizing the areas vulnerable to slip and fall hazards can help you reduce your risk.

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