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3 tips to protect your rights after a fall

Slip & Fall

Slipping and falling could inflict painful injuries and even endanger your health. In the event a negligent property owner is responsible for your fall, you should know in advance how to safeguard your rights to compensation.

Keep the following three tips in mind in case you should experience a fall somewhere beyond your own home.

Take pictures and video

Chances are that you will have a smartphone on your person during a fall. Your phone is a good way to gather evidence on the scene. However, you might not be able to get up unassisted if your injuries are serious. Sfgate explains that you may try activating the recording function on your phone. This should be enough to collect pictures and sound that could be of help to you later on.

Ask witnesses to support your claims

If you were in a location with multiple patrons when you fell, it is likely one or more people watched you fall. If they agree with your account of your injury, they could bolster your claim if the property owner denies responsibility. If you are able following your fall, you may gather contact information of eyewitnesses.

Limit what you say while reporting your injury

If you report your fall to a supervisor or anyone who is in charge of the property, be cautious of what you say. Reporting that you have fallen puts your injury on the record and adds evidence to your case, but if you say something that makes it appear that you bore responsibility for your injury, the property owner could use your own words against you.

Falls can require medical treatment and even hospital stays. Older fall victims can also experience emotional trauma. If you seek compensation, be sure that you have done all you can to support your claim.

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