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Catastrophic injury vs personal injury claims

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one becomes injured due to the actions or negligence of another person, the severity of the injury will dictate the terms of a personal injury claim. While all injuries impact a victim’s quality of life, catastrophic injuries carry the most significant consequences.

Understanding the difference between typical personal injury claims and those that involve catastrophic injuries may help you determine what compensation options are available to you.

Personal injury claims

The instigation of personal injury claims is primarily on the basis of another party’s behavior, or lack thereof, that resulted in a serious injury or illness. These injuries may require extensive rehabilitation, time off work or a loss of employment, costly medical care and an interruption of the victim’s way of life.

Personal injury claims are largely an umbrella term for cases with serious injuries that seek some level of compensation, but not all personal injury claims involve catastrophic permanent physical harm.

Catastrophic injuries

Some accidents have life-changing consequences. By definition, catastrophic injuries involve long-term effects of an accident, including permanent physical or mental disability, a requirement for ongoing and intensive medical care or a significant interruption to your ability to sustain meaningful employment.

Personal injury cases for catastrophic injuries generally seek compensation for potentially lifelong damages. Compensation may not make up for the physical or emotional toll a catastrophic injury brings to your life, but it can help to recover economic losses and prepare you for future medical care and coverage that you would not have otherwise required.

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