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How can driving while drowsy lead to an accident?

Car Accidents

Getting behind the wheel while being behind on a few hours of sleep is not an uncommon situation.

However, drowsy driving can lead to a serious car accident when the person rams into another vehicle on the road.

Swerving on the road

According to the United States Department of Transportation, many tired drivers tend to not have a solid grip on the steering wheel or may even take their hands off it. This happens more frequently when drowsy drivers begin to fall asleep, which often leads to the car swerving and braking erratically.

Drifting even a little bit out of your lane can cause a severe crash. You may notice someone nearing your back bumper or the sides of your car as he or she speeds up and slows down.

Sudden stops and turns

Drivers that are half-asleep can make hasty decisions because they miss a turn or exit while on the road. Once they realize the error, they may attempt to stop suddenly or change lanes without warning.

These drivers may also accidentally hit the gas or brake pedal as they accidentally drift off to sleep, which can cause their cars to enter your lane or hit you from behind. Sudden stops can also lead to an injury if you are driving behind this vehicle.

Lack of reaction

An aware driver can quickly react to people or debris on the road, but a drowsy one may crash into pedestrians or other cars without warning. Leaving reaction time in order to properly stop or turn away is important. Being drowsy while driving can endanger everyone, including others on the road.

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