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How do TBIs manifest?

Car Accidents

Getting involved in a crash can leave you dealing with numerous health issues and impacts on your physical health. The head, neck and back often suffer from the worst of the damage as well, creating complications for smooth healing.

On top of that, traumatic brain injuries often plague those who suffer from blows to the head. How do these injuries manifest?

Neurological and mental symptoms

Mayo Clinic examines the emergence of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in victims of car crashes. TBIs can impact your health in different ways and as such, often show different types of symptoms. Some of the main categories include neurological, mental and behavioral, but all problems stem from the physical damage done to the brain such as swelling and bruising.

Neurological symptoms can include nausea and frequent vomiting, piercing headaches or migraines that worsen over time, and numbness or paralysis of the limbs. You may experience full or partial paralysis of some or all limbs or even full-body paralysis.

Mentally, many victims report “brain fog”, in which you may find it difficult to think clearly or comprehend your surroundings. You might struggle to recognize the people around you and have trouble recalling the events leading to the incident that caused you harm.

Changes in victim behavior

Behaviorally, you may lash out at your loved ones due to a decrease in impulse control and a decrease in the capacity to communicate clearly with others. Agitation also commonly occurs, and victims often find themselves easier to irritate as well.

Noticing any of these signs should also demand immediate medical attention, as this is the best way to prevent permanent damage from occurring.

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