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What are some common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding your motorcycle under a blue sky on an open highway may be one of your favorite hobbies. You may not know all the ways that trucks or other large vehicles typically influence crashes.

Learning about the most common influences on motorcycle accidents can help you if you are in one.

Improper turns

According to the United States Department of Transportation, vehicles that make a left turn without looking can ram into a motorcycle going straight and cause serious bodily harm. Even if the motorcyclist had on a helmet and other protective gear, the accident can cause far more damage to the motorcyclist than to the driver in the vehicle.

Many truckers may make these turns while rushing to make it to their next stop on time. Since these large vehicles cannot stop quickly if there is an obstacle in the road, it puts motorcyclists at greater risk.

Lack of awareness

Drivers need to be more vigilant about checking their mirrors for approaching motorcycles, due to the motorcycle’s smaller size. If a driver is texting or looking somewhere other than the road, then he or she may sideswipe a motorcycle without warning.

People may also drive too closely to a motorcycle, which can cause a crash if you need to stop suddenly.


While tailgating is one form of aggressive driving larger vehicles may do, speeding can also make motorcyclists nervous. Since most vehicles with four wheels can travel faster than motorcycles, cars must be careful to not cut you off in the middle of a lane or swerve wildly in front of you.

Taking into account all of these factors and actions can help motorcyclists while on the road.

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