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What happens if an uninsured motorist hits me?

Motorcycle Accidents

Getting into a car accident is always upsetting. It becomes even less pleasant when the impact causes injury.

Insurance covers medical bills under such circumstances. While the law demands Californians carry auto insurance, some drivers do not. Acquiring money to pay medical bills triggered by these scofflaws requires particular attention.

How to handle getting hit by an uninsured driver in California

Immediately report the accident to the police and your insurance provider. Mention to both that the other individual is on the road illegally. Repair the vehicle if it remains salvageable.

Seek medical care, even if you do not immediately feel pain or discomfort. It may be a matter of time before the symptoms of injury surface. Be mindful of how you treat your physical condition after the medical consult.

Save all paperwork generated throughout the process.

Directly after impact, you might experience an inclination to admit fault. Refrain from statements suggesting guilt, even benign ones. Such words may create complications if you choose to sue.

When to file suit against an uninsured driver in California

The state of California may impose penalties against the responsible driver. Unfortunately, these punishments never include the hurt party receiving compensation. For that, the injured party must file a lawsuit within two years of the accident. Weigh whether taking your grievance to a judge remains practical. If the driver lacks funds, suing may cost more than is possible to gain.

It should not matter whether the person responsible for your situation carries insurance. You deserve restitution either way. Nonetheless, your response depends heavily on this variable.

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