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What type of compensation may I recover after a crash?

Car Accidents

The head-on collision caused by a drunk driver drastically changed your life. Months of treatment and recovery are expected, however, it still will not assure that you will get your old life back after suffering debilitating injuries.

The negligence of the other driver has led you and your family to take legal action. But what kind of compensation can you recover after a serious car accident? You can seek compensation for a variety of different damages, including medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship.

Medical costs, lost wages

Here is a breakdown of the types of damages an injured person and his or her family may seek after a motor vehicle collision:

  • Pain and suffering: Your injuries may be serious and life-changing. You and your family have been through a great amount of pain and suffering physically and mentally. The tension, stress, mental anguish and sorrow felt after a crash likely lingers, and, in some cases, you may have lost your enjoyment of life. In proving pain and suffering, you must provide supporting evidence such as medical records, photos, the accident report, medical bills and witness testimonials.
  • Medical costs: Health care workers may have worked around the clock to save your life. The initial treatment, possible surgeries, follow-up visits, physical therapy and even in-home care add up to exorbitant costs.
  • Lost wages: Your injuries may lead you to be unable to work temporarily or permanently. The financial hit on you and your family may last for months and even years. By reviewing your past earnings, you will prove that the serious injuries weakened your ability to earn a living.
  • Loss of companionship and affection: An injury may deny a married couple the capability of showing affection. Only the uninjured spouse may seek such damages. However, these damages cannot be recovered if damages are not recovered for the crash-related injuries.

A skilled personal injury attorney will provide you with insight, direction and hope.

A necessary financial cushion

The actions of a reckless and negligent driver have led to an abundance of challenges and heartache for you and your family. Compensation likely will not help you regain previous joys and aspects of your life. However, it can soften some of the sting and provide a financial cushion that will help you get through the initial phases.

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