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Unsafe Lane Change Accidents

Sacramento California Auto Accident Lawyer Helping With Unsafe Lane Change Accidents

Unsafe lane changes are some of the most common causes of vehicle accidents. An unsafe lane change occurs when a motorist switches from one traffic lane to another but collides with a car that is already in that lane. If a vehicle suddenly moves into your lane and causes you to crash or collide with other vehicles, contact a Sacramento car accident attorney immediately. Such negligence actions should be avoided, and you’re entitled to compensation.

Examples of unsafe lane changes include:

  • A driver fails to signal before making the lane change or turn
  • A driver fails to see a fast-approaching car in a parallel lane or misjudges its speed
  • A driver is texting or distracted somehow while driving
  • A driver falls asleep
  • Two cars merge into a middle lane simultaneously
  • A driver disregards checking the blind spot
  • One driver at a junction attempts to turn while another driver is attempting to pass
  • A driver moves out of a parking space into a lane but fails to check for oncoming traffic
  • A driver merges onto a highway unsafely and sideswipes another vehicle

All of these unsafe lane change accidents can cause serious injuries for drivers and passengers. In some cases, an unsafe lane change can push vehicles into further lanes causing a much worse collision. Contact an attorney at The Weinberger Law Firm immediately if you’ve been involved in an accident.

Motorcycle Lane-Change Accidents

Because California allows for lane splitting, motorcycles are prone to getting hit by a driver making an unsafe lane change. Lane splitting is when a motorcycle drives in the middle of two lanes, usually when traffic is heavy. Every driver on the road has a responsibility to be aware of all other motorists on the road, which includes motorcyclists. Unfortunately, however, drivers sometimes fail to look over their shoulders to compensate for blind spots when trying to switch lanes, causing a collision with the motorcycle. When hit, the rider can sustain extremely serious injuries or even death.

If a motorist suddenly switches lanes into your path, the motorist should be held liable for negligent operation. Contact a Sacramento, California, auto accident lawyer immediately.

What To Do After A Lane Change Accident

In any motorist accident, there are certain steps you need to follow immediately. You must stay at the scene of the accident until all information is exchanged with every party involved and the authorities have granted permission for you to leave.

If you’ve been in an accident:

  1. Make sure everyone around you, including yourself and loved ones are safe. Seek medical attention immediately if you’re injured. You have a duty to help anyone in need by calling for medical attention for others who are injured.
  2. Do not talk about fault or apologize if you feel like you are responsible for the accident. Anything you say can be used against you.
  3. Contact the local police department and report the accident.
  4. Take down the other driver’s information including name, insurance, license number and contact information.
  5. Take pictures and notes of all damages to your vehicle and the scene of the accident.
  6. Avoid talking to insurance adjusters until you have talked to your attorney.
  7. The last step is to contact your Sacramento auto accident lawyer who can review your case specifically and help you with the next steps.

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