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Serious injuries require serious, skilled legal representation. Attorney Joe Weinberger of The Weinberger Law Firm has over 30 years of experience and has helped numerous people win substantial settlements in injury lawsuits. Call him in Sacramento to discuss your injury claim at 916-304-0952. Here are just a few results Joe has won for clients.

Auto Accident

$3.5 Million

Our client was a passenger in a car hit by a municipal vehicle. She sustained severe neck and back injuries and ultimately developed a nerve injury. Her life was permanently altered by the collision. She was a young mother and an active participant in athletics. Despite clear evidence of negligence, the municipality used the kitchen sink defense, denying everything and raising every possible issue as to why this horrific collision was not the cause of our client’s injuries. After nearly four years of fighting and on the eve of trial, the municipality finally agreed to meet our settlement demand.

Shooting Incident Under Homeowner’s Insurance Claim

$1.4 Million

Our clients were searching for quartz in the hills above Camino, CA. While in the area where they had been told quartz could be found a man suddenly appeared and started shooting. No warning was given and there were no signs that this was anything other than public lands. As the men ran for their lives one vehicle was hit eight times by the shooter. The second vehicle was hit five times and one of the bullets hit him in the leg. A criminal trial was held and the shooter was convicted of multiple felonies. Due to his advanced age, the court reduced the felony convictions to misdemeanors. In the civil trial, the shooter tried to deny responsibility for the incident. A jury saw through the multiple false defenses and came in with a verdict in excess of $1.4 million.

Motorcycle Accident

$1.8 Million

Our client was riding a motorcycle through a busy intersection. The defendant disregarded a red light and ran into our client crushing his leg. Our client had to go through 4 different surgeries and will always have a pronounced limp. The driver of the car claimed that he had a green turn arrow, but this argument was defeated by two independent witnesses. Defendant’s insurance company hired multiple experts to try to minimize the nature and extent of our client’s injuries. We were able to obtain justice for our client and allow him to recover from this terrible collision.

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