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Badly Broken Bones Or Crushed Joints

Accident Attorneys Explain Broken Bones And Crushed Joints From Catastrophic Injuries

Broken bones and injured joints are fairly commonplace. Most people have broken a bone or dislocated a joint at some point in their life. Even when the damage is fairly minor and individuals make a “full” recovery, there can be long lasting effects of something as small as a fractured finger. When a catastrophic injury involving a bone or joint occurs, the damage can be much longer lasting and recovery can be costly and slow. If you have suffered badly broken bones because of an accident, speak with injury attorneys at The Weinberger Law Firm for legal assistance.

Bones that are shattered and joints that are crushed can take a very long time to heal. It often is difficult to predict all the damage that will come to light from a specific injury. Shattered bones also require a lot more medical attention than they typical broken bone – a shattered bone can’t simply be set and put in a cast to heal.

When significant damage is done to important body parts that are frequently used on a daily basis, such as hands, wrists, elbows, hips, knees, ankles, etc., the recovery time can be quite lengthy and painful. This may limit an individual’s ability to complete normal tasks.

In the case of catastrophic bone and joint injuries, the effects of a broken bone or crushed joint may be much more significant than simply an inability to use that body part until it heals. These injuries can lead to paralysis or other serious complications that follow an individual for the rest of their life. The intense pain that results from bone injury and regrowth can be disruptive and can decrease an individual’s quality of life. Depending on your situation, you may be entitled to compensation. Speak to personal injury lawyers regarding your specific case.

Some of the more common injuries that may result in catastrophic injury to bones or joints:

  • Vehicular accidents – This includes accidents involving cars, trucks or motorcycles. Individuals driving motorcycles are especially vulnerable to catastrophic bone and joint injuries as they are exposed to greater possibility of injury. Being hit with a car is also a likely situation in which bones can be broken and joints can be crushed.
  • Slip-and-falls – This can happen from unsafe conditions, such as slippery floors, especially at large heights.
  • Violence – Blunt force trauma from violence such as being beaten can result in extensive damage to an individual’s bones or joints.

If you have suffered from broken bones or crushed joints from one of the accidents above, contact accident lawyers to see what your legal options are. Catastrophic injuries involving broken bones and crushed joints can be extremely costly, both financially and emotionally. Below are some of the costs a victim may incur and for which they may be able to seek damages:

  • Medical bills – Treating a crushed bone or joint is much more complicated than a simple fracture. Often, serious accidents will lead to multiple injuries, meaning multiple surgeries and treatments. X-rays, lab tests, and medication costs can quickly add up.
  • Therapy – Individuals who incur serious bone and joint injuries are likely to lose muscle strength during the recovery process. They will need physical therapy to safely regain this strength.
  • Pain and suffering – Bone and joint injuries can be extremely painful. People often need to take strong drugs so they can get through the day without overwhelming pain. Depending on the prescription, this can lead to dependence and yet another thing from which to recover.
  • Lifestyle changes – If the injury is severe enough to cause paralysis or otherwise prevent an individual from returning to their normal life, it is possible to seek damages for loss of wages and changes to quality of life.

The Aftermath

If an individual incurs a catastrophic bone or joint injury due to someone else’s negligence, for example in a car accident or at the workplace, they may have a case to receive just compensation. Employees have the right to be protected from dangerous environments but often are not provided the necessary safeguards. Treatment for badly broken bones and crushed joints and changes to one’s lifestyle can be expensive. The change in the quality of life and extreme pain that accompanies these severe injuries deserve to be compensated. Injury lawyers are your best source to determine the next step you need to take to receive compensation.

Proving negligence can be difficult and complicated, but it is the best chance for an individual to receive the compensation they deserve. It is important to seek legal advice in these situations, even when the negligence isn’t obvious or certain. An experienced law firm will be able to investigate the situation and determine whether you have a case. If you or someone you love has incurred a serious injury involving bones or joints, it is important to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. They can help guide you through a confusing process and will work hard on your behalf.

Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help Get You The Compensation You Deserve For Broken Bones

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