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Burns And Scarring

Sacramento Injury Lawyer Explains Burns And Scarring From Catastrophic Injuries

Burns are some of the most serious injuries an individual may obtain. They include damage to the skin, lungs, and other organs from fire or chemicals. Burns range from something relatively minor, though quite painful, to life-altering injuries that can affect the projection of an individual’s life in terms of what they are able to do and how independent they can be. If you or someone you love has been severely burned due to a catastrophic injury, make sure to speak to a personal injury lawyer immediately.

Types Of Burns

  • First degree – These are the least severe but the most common burns. They only affect the outer layer of skin and thus are easier to treat and to recover from. Though all burns are painful, the recovery may be as short as one week with no permanent signs of damage. Common side effects include pain, swelling, peeling, and redness.
  • Second degree – These are far more serious than first-degree burns, as they are deeper in the skin. They may lead to extreme soreness and infection, but so long as the burn is not extensive, most second degree burns heal on their own within a month. Second-degree burns typically result in extensive blistering and scabbing. The severity of the burn is determined by the number and severity of blisters.
  • Third degree – This is the most serious type of burn. These burns may include nerve damage and often require multiple surgeries and skin grafts. The skin usually turns white or dark brown and takes on a leathery texture. Victims of third-degree burns typically develop permanent scars.

For individuals that are unfortunate enough to incur second- or third-degree burns, there is often permanent scarring. This scarring may be a direct result of the burn or may come from necessary surgeries. Scars may be severe enough to be permanently disfiguring, altering the survivor’s life. If you have been a victim of a burn and suffered severe scarring, speak to an accident lawyer for legal help.

Sometimes burns and scarring result from another person’s negligence. In these cases, it is the victim’s right to receive “just” compensation. Sacramento injury attorney can provide legal advice pertaining to your case in specific.

Costs And Recovery

There are many costs associated with a burn injury, not all completely financial. This may include:

  • Medical bills – This can include surgery costs, hospital stays, medications. Often with severe burning or scarring, plastic surgery procedures are necessary. These can be very expensive. Several operations and skin grafts may be necessary after a severe burn.
  • Future medical bills – Ongoing rehabilitation and medications, especially for pain.
  • Physical therapy – Recovery may take years, or may never actually end.
  • Aide – In the most severe situations, for example when internal organs are compromised, burn victims may require help to get through they day, necessitating an aide.
  • Lost income – This relates to the time the victim is unable to work and the long-term changes to their earning potential.
  • Pain and suffering, emotional distress, lower quality of life – There are many psychological challenges that may come with a burn. These challenges may include survivor’s guilt, depression, PTSD, shock, anxiety and adjustment disorders. Burns are notoriously painful and can take a long time to recover from. Significant compensation may be sought for this significant pain and suffering and life change.

Some of the above costs can last a lifetime. Some insurance policies may not cover all the associated costs, leading to financial difficulties for a victim and his or her family. If there is an organization or individual that is responsible for these injuries, it is possible to seek compensation from them.

The state of California believes “just” compensation should be provided for those who need it. These could be settled out of court, but sometimes the negligent party refuses to compensate the victim fairly. In these situations, speaking to a personal injury attorney and going to trial may be necessary. Having legal representation that understands the system and will got to bat for you can make the process less stressful and confusing. At The Weinberger Law Firm, our Sacramento injury lawyers will do whatever is possible to help you get the maximum compensation.

Wrongful Death

Burns are very serious injuries, and not everyone survives them. The loss of a loved one can be devastating, but it might be possible to seek justice if the death was due to the negligence of another individual or group. When negligence is arguable, a wrongful death claim may be filed.

In these cases, the spouse, children, dependents, or other people related to the victim or their estate may file suit for damages on behalf of the victim. Damages can include nonfinancial costs, such as for physical and emotional pain or loss of quality of life.

Contact An Injury Lawyer For Your Legal Needs

In most cases, accident victims are able to recover from their injuries but sometimes, in severe cases, they’re not as fortunate and deal with a lifetime of pain and suffering. The Weinberger Law Firm has been protecting the rights for victims of catastrophic injuries for over 20 years.

If you or a loved one has suffered from burns or scarring, contact a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento at 916-304-0952 today.

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