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Loss Of Sight

Personal Injury Attorneys In Sacramento Discuss Catastrophic Injuries Resulting In Loss Of Sight

There may be nothing more devastating than to lose one’s eyesight. We often take our vision for granted and only think about how much we need it when something’s wrong. Because vision is imperative in most professions and is very hard to substitute, it’s important you take care of your eyes and seek legal representation from personal injury attorneys in Sacramento if a catastrophic injury leads to your sight loss. When there’s an accident leading to the loss of eyesight, it can dramatically change an individual’s life forever.

Injuries That May Result In Loss of Eyesight

The body has many instincts to protect its eyes – closing them automatically when something comes near, shielding them physically when danger is sensed, watering when a foreign particle gets past the eyebrows and eyelashes, etc. In severe accidents, however, the body’s defense mechanisms just may not be enough to save your eyes. There are also many medical conditions that may result in the loss of eyesight. Some of these severe accidents or medical conditions may include:

  • Car accidents
  • Work accidents – Especially when working with grinding metals or welding. Working with harsh chemicals such as acids that may accidentally get in the eye.
  • Slip-and-falls – Injuries to the back of the head may result in impaired or lost vision, as the section of the brain responsible for processing and understanding sight is at the back of the brain.
  • Medications or medical malpractice – Improper medications or defective drugs can have very serious effects on eyesight, especially if they specifically target eye problems. Medical malpractice such as an eye or brain surgery gone wrong may also lead an individual to lose their vision.

If you or a loved one was in a catastrophic injury and suffered loss sight because of it, you must contact a Sacramento injury lawyer immediately for legal representation.

Types Of Eyesight Damage

There are many parts of the eye that are all very important for its proper functioning. If damage is done to any of the below vision elements, there may be irreversible damage.

  • The tear layer – This is the very first part of the eye that light strikes and is vulnerable to outside damage that could result in the inability for the eye to stay moist.
  • The cornea – This is the second part of the eye that light reaches and provides most of the eye’s power to collect information since its job is to let light in and converge. Damage to this area clearly can cause vision problems such as blurred vision up to complete loss of vision. It is also possible for an individual.
  • The occipital lobe – This is the part of the brain that is responsible for translating what light comes in through your eyes into information you can understand. There are many different parts of the occipital lobe responsible for everything that has to do with your vision. Damage to any of these parts can lead to trouble seeing or interpreting what you see. This part of the brain is especially vulnerable to damage because it is at the back of the head. A nasty fall resulting in trauma to the back of the head could result in severe damage to eyesight.

Decreased ability to see had many effects on the individual who suffered sight loss. Almost everything we do requires our eyes – driving, working, reading, cooking, getting around, etc. When an individual loses his or her eyesight, that person is not the only one affected. Many times, a person’s family needs to help the victim adjust to his or her new life.

If an individual loses their ability to see due to someone else’s negligence, for example in a car accident or at the workplace, they may have a case to receive just compensation. Proving negligence can be difficult and complicated, but is the best chance for an individual to receive the compensation they deserve. It is important to seek legal advice from a trusted Sacramento personal injury attorney in these situations, even when the negligence isn’t obvious or certain. An experienced Sacramento law firm will be able to investigate the situation and determine whether you have a case.


There are many costs that come with a catastrophic injury leading to the loss of sight. When a case is brought against an insurance company or negligent party, it is important to show just how costly these severe injuries are.Some expenses that may be sought for compensation can include:

  • Medical costs – There are immediate costs associated with the surgery, such as hospital stays and emergency surgery fees, but there are also long-term care and treatment costs to think of.
  • Transportation – After losing one’s eyesight, it can become very difficult to get around. No longer able to drive, an individual who has lost their sight will need special transportation for the rest of their life.
  • Lost wages – During the period in which an individual is recovering from damage, that person can not work and thus loses out on the wages they would have received had there been no injury. There also is a dramatic change in the jobs an individual is able to obtain without their eyesight. These financial losses can be compensated.
  • Changes to the home – After losing eyesight, there will have to be certain special assistive devices installed in one’s home. These can be costly and extensive.
  • Quality of life – Without one’s eyesight, everything changes. There can be a dramatic decrease in the quality of one’s life, and they deserve financial compensation for this change.

If you or a loved one has lost their eyesight due to another person or group’s negligence, be sure to seek legal advice from skilled personal injury attorneys in Sacramento as soon as possible. We may be able to get you the compensation you deserve and to navigate a very stressful process.

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