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Since 2015, hoverboards have been an exciting and popular toy on the market for both children and adults. Unfortunately, hoverboard explosions have been linked to dozens of burn injuries and over 50 fires that caused $2 million in property damage. 12 of these accidents were caused by lithium ion batteries, destroying bedrooms and even entire homes. Before you run out to purchase a hoverboard for your child, make sure to learn more about the product and how you can ensure safety for your family and friends. And if you or someone you know has been injured from a hoverboard explosion, contact a Sacramento injury lawyer immediately.

What Is a Hoverboard?

Despite what the name may imply, this device does not levitate or soar through the air like seen in Back to the Future. It’s a device tethered to the ground that rolls on two wheels, best described as a “hands-free” segway or a self-balancing scooter. Inside all balancing scooters are a gyroscope, a number of microprocessors, and two or more independent motors that balance the board. All of this hardware is powered by a lithium ion battery, which is housed in the same unit. These batteries continue to cause a large majority of catastrophic injuries because the flammable chemicals can ignite and cause fires or explosions. Some common causes of lithium-ion batteries to explode are:

  • overcharging
  • using incompatible chargers
  • manufacturing defects
  • physical damage
  • metal contact (keys, coins, etc)
  • hot temperatures

If you or someone you know has been injured due to a defective hoverboard, contact an injury attorney in Sacramento for legal representation.

To meet the high demand of hoverboards, many manufacturers have resorted to cheaper lithium-ion batteries. This has caused a recall of over half a million hoverboards on the market. If you have purchased any of the hoverboards recalled, contact the company immediately for a refund, replacement or repair.

What Injury Risks Are Presented by Hoverboards?

Every component of the product, such as the microprocessors, gyros, and motors can malfunction. When the device fails to stabilize, the risk of falling is great. Falling can lead to a variety of injuries such as broken bones. However, falling isn’t the most imminent danger. Fires and explosions can lead to a variety of different injuries.

The Injury Lawyer You Need for Your Exploding Hoverboard

At The Weinberger Law Firm, we represent clients throughout the Sacramento Valley and across Northern California in a wide variety of defective product injury claims. We work tirelessly to obtain compensation for all of your current and future needs, including medical care, rehabilitation, assistive medical equipment and any other needs that arise as a result of your injuries.

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