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California law defines elder abuse as physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse, abandonment, isolation, abduction or other treatment resulting in physical harm or pain or mental suffering. Under California law, elders are defines as persons 65 years and older. And because if can either be a criminal or civil lawsuit, if you or someone you suspect is a victim of elder abuse, you should contact an experienced nursing home injury attorney in Sacramento immediately.

What Is Abduction?

According to the California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 15600, “abduction means the removal from this state and the restraint from returning to this state”. Elder abuse can take form in many different ways and refusing or restraining any elder or dependent adult who does not have the capacity to consent to the removal from the state is another type of abuse that the law does not tolerate.

Caregivers, nurses or other practitioners must report incidents of elder or dependent adult abuse in the following situations:

  • When they have observed or have knowledge of an incident that reasonably appears to constitute physical or financial abuse, isolation, abduction, abandonment or neglect
  • When they have been told by an elder or dependent adult that he or she has experienced behavior constituting physical or financial abuse, isolation, abduction, abandonment, or neglect
  • When the practitioner reasonably suspects physical or financial abuse, isolation, abduction, abandonment, or neglect

If you suspect any of the following above situations has occurred to an elder, it is your duty to report it.

The law provides for the recovery of damages from pain and suffering, economic damages, and punitive damages when there has been recklessness, fraud and/or patient abduction. Don’t wait any longer to contact an attorney who can represent you in court and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Kidnapping Vs Abduction

Often, the terms abduction and kidnapping is used interchangeably, and although there are subtle difference between the two, both or unlawful and punishable. Kidnapping is the taking away of a person by force, threat, or deceit, with intent to cause him or her to be detained against his or her will. Abduction is taking away a person by persuasion, by fraud, or by open force or violence.

Abduction is the unlawful interference with a family relationship, irrespective of whether the person abducted consented or not. If a family member has been abducted, you need to contact an attorney immediately for help.

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