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Bus Accident FAQ

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When drivers and bus companies do not use care and diligence to protect the passengers and everyone else on the road, accidents happen. Given their size, buses can cause catastrophic injuries if they are involved in an accident. Here are some commonly asked questions about bus accidents but if you or someone you know has been injured in a bus accident, contact an attorney for help.

What do I do if I am involved in a bus accident?

The first thing you should always do with any accident is seek medical assistance if needed. Then you should gather as much information as possible from the scene of the accident including the bus’ license plate number and the bus driver’s information. Take photos of the scene including where you were sitting at the time of the accident, damages to the bus and other vehicles and the roadway where the accident happened. Continue gathering the names and contact information from witnesses and take down detailed notes of the time of the accident, the traffic condition, weather conditions and other details. Most importantly, do not give a recorded or written statement to anyone and contact an attorney immediately.

Who is responsible if I get hit by a bus?

Every bus accident is different but the following could potentially be held liable:

  • Drivers – either the bus driver or the drivers of other vehicles who may have contributed to the accident
  • Bus manufacturers and retailers – if there is a defective product such as a faulty braking system, a broken engine component or a defective tire
  • Bus companies – the employers who hired an unqualified driver or failed to regulate the limit the driver was on the road
  • Bus maintenance firms – companies that perform repair work and regular maintenance
  • Local and state governments – if the driver was a city bus driver or an employee of other governmental agencies

If I am a passenger of another vehicle involved in a bus collision, who can I sue?

You can sue whoever was potentially at fault for the accident including the bus operator and bus company; the driver of your own vehicle; the drivers of any other vehicles involved in the accident as well as any other person or entity which may have contributed to the accident.

If I am a driver of a vehicle that is involved in a bus collision, who can I sue?

Depending on the specifics of the case, you can sue the operator and owner of the bus as well as any other person or entity who is responsible for the accident, provided you did not cause the accident.

If I am a pedestrian and got hit by a bus, who can I sue?

You can sue any person who is responsible for your injuries. A thorough investigation will need to be performed which your attorney can help you with.

What does it mean that drivers are required to use the “highest duty of care?”

The law states that public transit drivers and operators on the road must be especially careful in delivering passengers safely to their destination. This is different than the standard duty of care that requires each of us to act reasonably in our daily routine.

When should I file a claim for a bus accident?

The general statute of limitations for personal injury cases is two years. However, if you were hurt by a vehicle that is owned and operated by a public transit district or government entity, you are required to file a “tort claim” before you can file a lawsuit which is 180 days after the accident. Contact an attorney immediately if you’ve been involved in a bus accident.

What types of damages can I be compensated for?

Every case is different but generally speaking the following damages you can be compensated for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Cost of medical treatment
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of future income
  • Life care
  • Wrongful death
  • Loss of consortium

An attorney can best evaluate your case and determine what you deserve for compensation.

If I am a passenger on a bus, do I have any special protections?

Yes, as a passenger, you do have special protections that other people injured by buses do not. A bus is considered a “common carrier” and therefore owe the utmost duty of care to you.

What types of vehicles are considered common carriers?

California law broadly defines “common carriers” to include buses, taxis, trains, LRVs, ferries, airplanes and even certain amusement park rides.

How important is the investigation in a bus accident?

Investigation is extremely important, especially if it involves government agencies. Law enforcement and government agencies do their best to ensure safety for everyone but sometimes they can make mistakes. For that reason, conducting a proper investigation is crucial for your case.

Do I need an attorney?

Getting injured in a bus accident can take a severe financial, physical and emotional toll on your life. Dealing with the investigation, insurance companies and police shouldn’t be something you add on to this stressful moment. Skilled and experienced personal injury and accident attorneys are better equipped to handle your case than you are.

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