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Do You Have The Right Insurance Policy?

Having Insurance Is Critical, Especially If You Are Involved In A Car Accident In California

Any driver operating a vehicle on the California road is obligated to have car insurance. California Insurance code section 11580.1(b) requires that drivers must carry liability insurance.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers you as a driver from personal exposure in a case where you are found liable for negligence evolving your motor vehicle. In other words, if you get into an accident or hit a pedestrian or a bicyclist with your car, instead of suing you they can file a claim against your policy. California law requires that every driver carry, at a minimum, the following:

  • $15,000 for injury/death per person
  • $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person
  • $5,000 for damage to property.

A lot of the time you will see or hear this type of coverage described as “liability only” and/or as 15/30 coverage and/or 15,000/30,000 coverage. Again, these policy limits are a required minimum, the least you must be insured.

Let us put this in perspective and a real-life situation. Person A driving down the street, and because he is not paying attention, Person A rear-ends Person B. Person B sustains an injury and has be taken by ambulance to a local hospital and be treated there for her injuries. If Person A carries liability insurance as the law requires, Person B can recover up to $15,000 for his injuries. Person B can also recover up to $5,000 for her damaged car.

If Person B had a passenger in her car that also sustained injuries or died, that person can also recover up to $15,000 for medical expenses, for a maximum of $30,000. Now if there are three people in Person B’s vehicle because liability carries only a $30,000 max it would have to be split between Person B and two of his passengers. The split does not have to be in equal parts, but rather the split depends on the extent of the injury of each person and their medical bills. If Person B suffered merely superficial injuries, but her passengers suffered catastrophic injuries, those passengers will receive the bigger part of the $30,000 settlement.

Again, these policy limits are a required minimum, the least you must be insured. If you have a significant number of personal assets and properties, you can choose to carry a higher policy limit to protect you from personal liability.

Failure to carry insurance does not release you from liability, from being financially responsible for the damage that you cause to the person’s vehicle as well as their health.

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