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What Should I Do After Getting Hit By A Car?

In an accident between a pedestrian and a vehicle, the potential for severe injuries is extremely high. Victims absorb the entire force of the impact, which can lead to a wide variety of injuries, including broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and brain injuries, among others. When these accidents occur because of a careless driver’s negligence, victims often have grounds to pursue compensation.

As straightforward as these cases often seem, insurance companies will do anything they can to avoid paying the fair value of the claim. Having a qualified Sacramento auto accident attorney representing you at every stage of your case can help to ensure that your interests are protected to the fullest possible extent.

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Seeking Full And Fair Compensation

At The Weinberger Law Firm, we understand how devastating the injuries from a pedestrian accident can be. Without warning, you can be facing enormous medical bills and extended time away from work. We have extensive experience with these cases, and we know how to manage them to a successful outcome. We take the distraction of the legal issues away from you so you can focus on your recovery.

In every case, we conduct a thorough investigation of the accident. We review any evidence that can help us build your case, including:

  • Police reports
  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Witness statements
  • Medical records
  • Traffic camera footage

When appropriate, we enlist accident reconstructionists and other experts who can help us present a more compelling argument in support of your claim for damages.

What Should A Pedestrian Do After Getting Hit By A Car?

Modern infrastructure has provided us with many opportunities and conveniences. Governed by the law, we expect to be able to use these conveniences without compromising our safety. However, regardless of how well our infrastructure is designed, how technologically advanced it is, or how well the law is written, mistakes – often genuine but occasionally not – can happen. And one of the most common sights of them is a pedestrian being hit by a vehicle. From a personal standpoint, it’s something that’s frightening to think about. It’s a serious collision, often with serious consequences. In fact, according to CDC’s report on transportation safety, there were an estimated 5977 deaths in 2017 due to vehicle-pedestrian accidents and another 137,000 injuries. With these statistics in mind, it’s important to know what to do if you or a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle. With a better understanding of your rights and the process, you can help keep yourself and others safe.

Let’s Discuss Your Best Course Of Action After Getting Hit By A Car

Accidents are the most unfortunate of occurrences. Affecting every facet of your life, an accident can leave you feeling shaken and even more vulnerable. From obvious physical injuries to the emotional toll, and not to mention the inconvenience and financial burden it can bring to your life, every accident is a difficult situation to overcome. And while there is no way to prevent an accident from happening, knowing your rights as a pedestrian, keeping your wits about you, and acting decisively can help you conquer this challenge and come out stronger on the other side. To assist you in your quest, we’ve outlined the five things you can do after getting hit by a car.

1. Seek Medical Assistance

The first thing to do when you are hit by a car is to check for injuries. However, with the shock of the accident, it is not uncommon for people to delay getting medical help. Don’t do it! You need to seek medical assistance as soon as possible, as it can be your best ally in ensuring that you do not develop serious complications. In addition, the medical documentation generated will be essential in proving your case if you decide to seek compensation. The doctor’s report can be especially helpful because it helps establish the cause of the accident and, more importantly, any permanent injuries. It also gives an idea of the progress of your recovery. Having these documents will also encourage the insurance company to take you seriously, which can result in a much more favorable settlement.

2. Document Your Injury

In addition to any property damage that may have occurred, you should take photos of any injuries you have as evidence. These will be helpful for you in the future, especially if you choose to pursue compensation. By photographing your injuries, you will be able to prove that they occurred as a result of the accident and not from something else. They will also protect you in case the liable party tries to shift the blame and tries to minimize the compensation. Remember, you are the victim here, not the person at fault. They are responsible for your injuries and will have to live with the consequences of their actions. Don’t let them get away with it!

3. File A Police Report

Filing a police report is very important because it allows you to legally document the details of the accident and the parties involved. When filing a police report, however, be ready to answer serious questions as to what happened, including who was driving the vehicle and what you were doing before the accident, and if you were sober or had any drugs or alcohol in your system. Not only does this give the officer a better understanding of your accident, but it also provides valuable documentation for any future legal proceedings.

Filing a police report is also the first step in the process of making a pedestrian accident claim against the at-fault driver. Whether you are hit while on foot or in a vehicle, the details of your accident are recorded and can be used as evidence in your case. Moreover, if you plan on seeking compensation for the medical costs and other damages that you have incurred from the at-fault party, you will be required to submit the police report to the insurance company. In fact, without the police report, it is nearly impossible to make a successful claim and you most likely will not be reimbursed.
So, take every possible step to secure the information and document your accident for future use. Also seek for a copy of the accident report from the authorities. This report will contain more details about what happened, such as the names of the parties involved, their contact information, their statements, as well as a list of any injuries they sustained. This will be helpful if you and your Pedestrian Accident Attorney Sacramento plan a solid case against the party at fault and bring them to justice.

4. Never Discuss Fault On The Scene

Regardless of who is at fault, it is never a good idea to point fingers or make judgments on the scene. In addition to the obvious emotional toll that this takes on you, it also causes unnecessary tension between you and the other party. Instead of getting the medical attention that you need, you may end delaying it and making a poor decision (like getting into a fight, etc.) that could affect your recovery and case. The best course of action is to avoid placing blame until you have had a chance to properly evaluate your situation. This is when you can make the necessary preparations to protect your legal rights, seek compensation for your medical expenses and damages, and ensure that you are in the best possible position to recover as much as you can from the at-fault party.

5. Seek Legal Assistance From Pedestrian Accident Attorney Sacramento

Now that you have done everything you can on your own, it is time to consider how you can best protect your legal rights. An attorney is an excellent resource in dealing with the aftermath of a pedestrian accident, whether you are injured or not. Boasting decades of experience and expertise at assisting victims like you get the compensation you deserve; an attorney can help you navigate the complex legal system and give you the best possible chance at recovering damages for your injuries and other damages that you have incurred. In addition to helping, you pursue compensation for your medical expenses and damages, an attorney can also help you pursue any available personal injury claim, which could result in obtaining much more favorable compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company.

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