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A Common Type Of Premises Liability Claim

A significant number of slip-and-fall accidents take place on stairs. California building codes impose detailed requirements for stairs, and rightly so, given the major risk of injury that can result from poorly constructed or ill-maintained stairways.

Accidents rarely happen by sheer chance. They often involve factors that the property owner could have prevented such as:

  • Missing or broken railings
  • Spills or slippery surfaces
  • Uneven stairs
  • Improper height or depth
  • Rotted or missing boards
  • Sudden drops without warning
  • Structurally unsound construction
  • Dim lighting

Those who suffer the most serious injuries are also those most vulnerable: children and the elderly, for example. While many falls result in broken bones, particularly serious falls can lead to back and neck injuries, brain injuries and spinal cord damage.

What To Do After Suffering An Injury On Dangerous Stairs

Owners of both residential and commercial properties have a legal duty to fix unsafe conditions. When dangerous property conditions contribute to a stairway accident, the property owner can be held accountable through a premises liability claim.

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