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Premise Liability In The Workplace

We get up in the morning and go to work just like everybody else, but some of us have more dangerous jobs than others. While you are sitting in your cozy temperature-controlled cubicle, others may be 300 feet up on scaffolding braving the cold and a blistering wind. When your job puts you in harm’s way, your employer is required to ensure your safety and meet all government regulations with regard to equipment and procedures. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and employees are injured every day as a result of their employer’s negligence with regards to safety procedures, training and equipment.

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Unknown Dangers

Sometimes, the danger is unknown by both the employer and the employee – case in point, asbestos installation. No one knew the dangers related to handling asbestos and those individuals who were exposed and experienced injury paid the price. These situations in which it seems like no one is at fault are sometimes the most complicated.

Important questions:

  • Who is liable for the injury?
  • Should the company have known the dangers?
  • Did the employee have the same chance to realize the dangers?

These are all questions that an experienced injury lawyer will be able to answer for you, and they will be critical in any workplace injury case.

Unreported Dangers

Other times, dangers are known, and they are either ignored or not properly escalated to management. An employee who is used to roughing it and dealing with faulty equipment at home, may not be alarmed by equipment failure in the same way as the next employee and may choose not to inform management of the safety hazard until it is too late.

Once again, this raises questions regarding liability – if an employee knew about the hazard and didn’t inform management and someone is hurt, who will be found liable? The answer is likely the employer because it was their responsibility to make sure the other employee brought any safety issues to management’s attention. If the employee was acting in gross negligence, then he may be found liable in some way.

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