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Distracted Driving

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Distracted driving is a common cause of truck accidents. A truck driver needs to be vigilant when operating these massive vehicles, that includes being aware of the cars in front, behind, and on either side of the truck. Unfortunately, this is can be a difficult task. Trucks have very large blind spots known as “no zones” these are areas where truck drivers cannot see other drivers, even with their mirrors.

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Where Are A Truck’s Blind Spots?

Ever wondered why the left lane is the “fast” lane? This is partly because truckers have an easier time seeing drivers on the left side. The right side has a large no zone that makes it difficult for them to see vehicles attempting to pass. Additionally, the front of most trucks has a very large blind spot that is approximately 20 feet long. Truckers sit on elevated seats so they can see more of the road, unfortunately, this also makes it hard for them to see the road immediately in front of a truck. If you ever need to merge in front of a truck, make sure to give them a wide berth so that they can see you.

Truck drivers should have received training on where their blind spots are. They are supposed to be aware of these spots and operate under the assumption that a vehicle may be in an area they cannot see. For this reason, a truck driver can still be held liable for an accident if you were driving in their blind spot. After all, the average driver cannot be expected to know where a truck’s “no zones” are.

Other Forms Of Distracted Driving

Neglecting blind spots is not the only way a driver can be distracted. Like any other driver, truckers are expected to remain vigilant on the road and resist distractions. If it is discovered that a truck driver was distracted while operating the vehicle, this can be used to bolster your injury claim.

Some common driving distractions include:

  • Talking on the phone
  • Eating
  • Reaching for items across the seat or in the dash
  • Slowing down to stare at an accident
  • Changing music
  • Adjusting vehicle settings

Spending long hours in a vehicle all day, truck drivers are bound to engage in some of these distractions. While this is to be expected, they have a responsibility to remain aware of other drivers and make adhere to the strictest standards of road safety. Being distracted is never an excuse for an accident.

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