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How can attractive nuisances lead to injuries for children?

Premises Liability

As you decorate your property and work on features you want in your yard, you may notice that these areas could be unsafe for children.

When children enter your property, including when they are technically entering without permission, they are at risk for getting a serious injury.


According to Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute, children are not trespassers in the same way that adults are. You must offer reasonable protection for them to prevent them from getting hurt since they are technically an invitee.

Tall pieces of equipment and huge metal structures used for construction can be potential sources of injury if children climb up on them. Falling from a few feet above the ground can lead to serious head or back trauma, including spinal cord issues.

Interesting structures

One of the most common structures that you may find in a yard is a swimming pool. Children can easily fall into the water, especially if there are no signs or warnings surrounding the area.

An old car that you are working on may have sharp parts and rusted pieces of metal in it. Since this could attract children’s attention, there are many ways that this could be appealing to them to play on. Construction sites and equipment can also have the same problems.

Fun equipment

Since children are too young to know how dangerous skateboard ramps and tree houses can be, taking reasonable measures to keep them secure is important. Locking up entrances and putting warning signs around the area can help keep them from falling or hitting their heads.

Knowing what qualifies as an attractive nuisance and how these places and items can lead to injuries is important for anyone who owns land.

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