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How can other vehicles intimidate trucks on the road?

Truck Accidents

While operating a truck, your mind may focus on multiple different issues or concerns. Whether those thoughts are about communicating with your workplace or minding the rules of the road, you may not notice safety issues with other drivers right away.

Learning more about how cars and other vehicles can cause accidents and intimidate trucks can help you if are struggling after a crash.

Reckless turning

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a car may try to drive around a turning truck in order to save time. This lefthand turn can put both the truck and the car in danger, however, since the truck cannot stop in time to avoid a collision.

Since trucks need more space to turn, a car suddenly driving out in front of them to turn can lead to a panic.

Poor merging choices

A car choosing to merge in a lane on the highway even when there is not enough room can make it hard for a truck to slow down in time. Drivers of smaller vehicles may also overestimate how quickly a truck can stop or avoid another vehicle.

This is especially true when a truck is carrying heavy materials that make it even slower. Someone cutting off a truck that is trying to merge slowly into a new lane can lead to a serious crash.

Dodging between trucks

A car that tries to drive between you and another truck can struggle to stay on course because of the drafts and wind resistance that happens between two large vehicles. Your blind spots can also prevent you from seeing cars when they first approach.

Understanding how cars can intimidate truckers and cause truck crashes is one way to stay aware on the road.

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