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How do trucks intimidate motorcycles on the road?

Motorcycle Accidents

While on your motorcycle, you may feel free and full of energy. When a truck pulls up close behind you, that feeling could turn to dread.

Sharing the road with large vehicles like trucks can seem intimidating, especially when they drive recklessly and put you in danger of an accident.

Sudden turns or swerves

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, one way that truckers may use the size of their vehicle to their advantage is by turning or entering a road suddenly.

Since your motorcycle will likely not endanger their physical safety if you crash into them, they do not worry as much about smaller vehicles around them. They may also forget to signal with their blinkers or show that they want to change lanes.

Increase in speed

Since trucks have more wheels and can reach a greater top speed, it is often easier to travel faster in one. However, when a trucker wants to speed, this means that they could accidentally sideswipe vehicles around them or make people fall off their motorcycles by hitting them.

The faster a vehicle goes, the harder it is to react in time to a sudden threat. Speeding can limit how much reaction time a trucker has to stop before hitting someone else.

Forgetting to check blind spots

Reckless driving can often happen when a trucker forgets to check the sides and back of their vehicle. They may assume everyone should get out of their path no matter what, instead of trying to avoid a collision by being a defensive driver.

Dealing with the effects of a truck accident can feel overwhelming, especially when you are on a motorcycle.

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