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How do brain injuries manifest?

Car Accidents

Getting into a car crash is one of the tensest and difficult experiences of many victims’ lives. Unfortunately, the events of a crash can also impact a person’s life for years to come, especially if they suffer from brain injury or damage.

It is important to understand the potential signs of brain injury as they manifest. This allows the victim to get quick and accurate treatment, and also prepare for the potential hurdles that may lie ahead.

Potential signs of TBIs

According to Mayo Clinic, brain injuries manifest in similar ways in many cases. For example, many instances involve headaches that worsen over time or simply persist despite the administration of pain killers. Some involve confusion, which is either brief or extensive. Others involve memory loss, which may recover quickly or take weeks, months or years to return to former levels of functionality.

Degrees of severity in the injury

The primary difference lies in the degree of severity of the head injury in question. The more severe a head injury is, the more intense the symptoms often show. Additionally, they tend to manifest in a much quicker way, leaving no room for doubt that the victim has suffered from a blow to the head.

Certain types of head injuries will also have a higher rate of severe symptoms. For example, in the event of brain tissue swelling, symptoms often start suddenly and worsen very rapidly as the brain presses against the inside of the skull.

Regardless of the type of damage received, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention after a crash. This is the best way to prevent permanent brain damage.

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