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Photographs to take after an accident

Car Accidents

Ensuring everyone’s safety is the most important first step after a vehicle collision. However, once it is safe to do so, documenting the accident and the scene itself may prove critical.

Whether you need to file an insurance claim or become involved in an accident lawsuit, photographs and video can provide crucial evidence. In addition to gathering contact and insurance information from other drivers involved, consider documenting the following.

1. Injuries and property damage

Photographs of injuries and damage to vehicles and other property may provide information about both the severity and the nature of the accident.

2. Locations of vehicles and other debris

If it is safe to do so, moving vehicles out of the way of traffic is important for minimizing the risk of further danger. Regardless, it still may be a good idea to take photos of the positions of vehicles and of any debris that resulted from the crash.

3. General details about the scene

There are many details that a photograph or video may capture that you may not have remembered on your own. Weather conditions, the presence or absence of road signs or signals and traffic flow may all prove important when trying to reconstruct events later.

Even if you have a strong auto insurance policy, your provider may be reluctant to pay the full amount the law entitles you to. Additionally, if you need to file a lawsuit, or defend yourself against one, you may need to provide detailed information about how and why the accident occurred. In either event, making sure to take numerous photos may help you present the strongest case possible.

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