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Singer Ashley Parker Angel Talks About His Parents’ Accident

Drunk Driving Accidents

California native and nationally known musician, Ashley Parker Angel recently talked about the head-on drunk driving collision that seriously injured his parents. The accident happened on Highway 99 in Dairyville at the end of February, and Mr. Angel’s mother remains in Enloe Medical Center receiving treatment for her injuries.

The California Highway Patrol reportedly arrested the 23-year-old man who was driving the other vehicle for suspicion of drunk driving. The accident left Mr. Angel’s father with multiple fractures. His mother’s legs were reportedly crushed in the accident, and she required extrication from the car.

Mr. Angel said his mother has already undergone five surgical operations. He also reported that the treatment and rehabilitation for both of his parents are expected to be ongoing for at least the next year and that his mother may not be able to be discharged from the hospital for months. He stated that he wants people to be aware of the dangers posed by drunk driving and intends to become an advocate working against it.

When intoxicated people get behind the wheel of their vehicles and drive, they risk not only their own lives but also those of the people around them. Injured victims may have to spend months in the hospital racking up exorbitant medical expenses, and in many cases, their financial situation is worsened due to an inability to return to gainful employment. A personal injury attorney can often assist a person injured in a drunk driving accident through the filing of a lawsuit against the impaired motorist seeking compensation for these and other losses.

Source: KRCR, “Local celebrity opens up about parents’ crash,” Cristina Davies, March 15, 2016

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