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Ten Most Common Types of Personal Injuries

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What Are Some Common Types of Personal Injuries?

Sustaining an injury is never a good thing, but when it’s the result of someone else’s willful action or negligence, it can be even more difficult. Personal injury cases give those who have been injured the chance to file a case against the at-fault party in the civil courts to seek compensation for expenses and sometimes even pain and suffering. Keep reading to find out more about some of the most common types of personal injuries and what you may be able to do if you were a victim.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the worst injuries that you can sustain, as damage to the brain can affect everything from cognitive abilities to being able to balance while walking. Traumatic brain injuries are often the result of motor vehicle accidents, especially motorcycle accidents where there is much less protection for the brain. TBIs are also commonly associated with falls and workplace accidents.

Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries can affect any part of the spinal column, which includes the spinal cord itself as well as the vertebrae. Spinal injuries are often caused by direct blows to the spine or extreme twisting, which can happen in car accidents or falls. However, spinal injuries can also be caused by surgical errors if the doctor accidentally nicks the spine while operating.

Broken Bones

Any type of blunt force to the body can result in broken bones. Examples include the impact of a car accident, the crushing power of a dog bite, or the impact of a fall from a high elevation. Because broken bones are so common, they may seem minor, but broken bones — especially those that are a result of crush injuries — can mean multiple surgeries, ongoing physical therapy, and weeks of missed work.

Dog Bites

If you’ve ever bitten the inside of your cheek or tongue, you know how strong the human bite force is. But the average dog bite force is approximately double that of a human’s, and some breeds have even higher bite forces. This means that dog bites can cause catastrophic injuries. The combination of a dog’s jaw strength and tooth shape means they can penetrate the skin and muscle. The tearing that occurs often requires surgical repair, and there is a higher risk of infection.


Most people associate burn injuries as a result of direct contact with fire, such as when someone is trapped in a burning car. However, there can also be chemical burns if chemicals aren’t properly labeled or diluted. Burns can also occur if a business sends out food or drinks that are too hot for consumption. Burn injuries can be especially challenging to treat and may require skin grafts and long hospital stays.

Surgical Errors

Whether you are going through elective surgery or need a life-saving operation, you expect that surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists will perform their jobs accurately to ensure your safety. But sometimes errors occur, and those errors can cause major issues in your recovery — sometimes even necessitating another surgery. Some examples of surgical errors include nicking blood vessels, nerves, or organs, leaving behind tools or sponges, and operating on the wrong site.

Misdiagnoses or Lack of Diagnosis

Doctors have a responsibility to pay attention to their patients’ symptoms so that they can accurately diagnose an issue. If your doctor missed important signs that you had an illness or injury and you suffered as a result, you may be able to seek compensation. The same is true if your doctor misdiagnosed you. You may have received unnecessary treatments that caused undue pain and suffering.

Injuries Due to Workplace Accidents

Work sites can be dangerous places, even if you don’t work in construction or a high-risk job. Common workplace injuries include back injuries, lacerations, head injuries, and injuries from falls. If you were injured on the job, an attorney can help you understand if workers’ compensation should apply and how to start that process.

Injuries From a Slip or Fall

Slip and fall accidents are one of the three most common types of injuries, and while it’s possible to recover from a minor fall without any injuries or ongoing issues, it’s just as possible to be seriously hurt. Slip and fall injuries can include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones.

Injuries From Defective or Hazardous Products

Companies that manufacture products have a duty to ensure that their products are safe under normal use conditions. However, there are thousands of injuries every year from defective or hazardous products. This can result in cuts, trauma injuries, burns, and electrocutions, among other injuries. If you were injured due to a defective product, this generally falls under the category of product liability in personal injury law. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to seek compensation from the company, and it may end up having to pull the product from the market so other customers don’t get injured.

The injuries on this list can be debilitating and have a significant effect on your quality of life and your financial security. If you are dealing with pain, medical expenses, and missed work due to injuries that were someone else’s fault, you have options for seeking compensation. Contact the Weinberger Law Firm at 916-304-0961 to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney today.

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