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Wet Weather Accidents

Car Accidents

California is known for its warm sunshine and beautiful weather but as El Nino proved, we’re not foreign of having bad weather. Because we’re so used to driving in good weather conditions, many passengers on the road aren’t capable of driving in bad weather conditions. In fact, in the past 10 years, 19% of crash injuries were a result of bad weather conditions. According to the California Highway Patrol, auto accidents increase by over 203% in the rain.

It’s extremely dangerous that drivers do not change their habits in wet conditions. Not only are the driving dynamics of your vehicle changed significantly by wet roads, but your braking power is reduced. A small puddle may seem harmless, but at 50 miles per hour, it could send your car spinning off the road. Worse, road visibility is much more difficult and if you don’t turn on your headlights, you could be driving head-on into a collision.

If you’ve been in an accident when during bad weather, make sure to contact an experienced Sacramento car accident attorney for help.

The best thing you can do to avoid a collision during rain is to minimize the amount of driving as much as possible. But given that everyone drives in California, not driving seems nearly impossible so it’s extremely important you take caution when driving in the rain. Leave the house early to allow extra time for your commute. Keep a larger distance than you normally would from other cars and turn on your headlights. Brake sooner and drive slower. If everyone takes the necessary precautions to be aware of your surroundings, car accidents will be reduced.

Rainy conditions cause many problems but the 3 main ones are slick roads, hydroplaning and poor visibility. All kinds of oily grime can build up on roads and when it first rains after a dry spell, this grime comes loose and makes pavement slicker than water alone. Hydroplaning occurs when there is too much water on the road and the treads on vehicles’ tires lose traction causing them to skid. The risk of hydroplaning increases at higher speeds. And on rare occasions, when rain falls extremely heavily, it can obscure a drivers visibility, increasing the chance of a car accident. Determining fault in bad weather conditions is extremely tricky. It’s best to contact an experienced Sacramento car accident attorney who can help you with your case specifically since each case varies.

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