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What are the first steps you should take after a car crash?

Car Accidents

The minute you exit your car after an accident, multiple thoughts that come into your head may leave you feeling overwhelmed over what to do next.

If you take some steps immediately after the accident, you can help reduce the amount of worry you feel. The time right after the crash is crucial for your safety and health.

Notice any people and vehicles

According to the AARP, taking in the scene around you can help you as you try to understand what to do next. If you notice the driver of the other car is lying hurt somewhere or does not respond, then you may need to call an ambulance.

Soon after this, you should move your car out of the way of traffic. The one exception is if the car is so damaged or unsafe that you should not climb back into it to try to turn it on.

Have a talk

After initially meeting the driver of the other vehicle, you both should exchange several pieces of information to make sure you can find each other after you both leave the scene. This information often includes phone numbers, full names and both your license plates.

You may even want to take pictures of your car and the other person’s car for future reference.

Make arrangements for transportation

If a tow truck shows up, you should make sure to verify that the credentials of the person driving it are correct. Finding a safe way to go to your destination may include calling a friend or loved one to help pick you up if your car is too damaged to drive.

What you do in the time immediately after a car crash is important for your well-being at the scene of the accident.

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